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Most Often Asked Restoration Questions

Your contractor, Better Way Services, Inc. A field superintendent is assigned to your project. He will provide you with a business card and his phone number. The insurance company is not aware of scheduling, once the repairs have begun. Please advise our production department of any allergies or sensitivities to paint and/or cleaning products that may be offensive to some people.

We mask off contents, countertops, appliances and cabinets. Our sanding equipment contains a powerful vacuum system. The majority of any dust produced through construction will be controlled. However, please expect a final construction clean from our cleaning division. Dust will be kept to a minimum but some dust particles will occur.

Sheetrock can be repaired if it has not lost its structural integrity. Please keep in mind that we are sometimes limited to repairs based on what the insurance company may allow. The texture on sheetrock can be repaired and blended where damaged. However, it is a repair and we will match the existing texture as best possible.

Monday-Friday, 7:00am to 4:30pm office hours. Our field crews start earlier with hours varying between winter and summer. Please discuss the schedule with your field superintendent at any time. Weekends are reserved for emergency services. The insurance companies do not pay overtime rates except for emergency situations after normal business hours.

Typical Scenario for an Insurance Claim Procedure

  • We receive your claim, schedule a visit to the loss, and prepare our estimate.
  • Once the estimate is prepared, we submit it to the insurance adjuster and wait for their approval (this can sometimes be the longest waiting period).
  • Prior to the start of any work, we will need a work authorization signed by the property owner and must collect the deductible.

Restoration Commences

  • Your loss is assigned a Project Superintendent and they will coordinate a schedule for all labor and materials once the estimate has been approved.
  • You will work closely with your Project Superintend for all color selections, material choices, etc.
  • Your Project Superintendent is your main contact throughout the duration of your project. (The insurance company does not know the specifics of your schedule).

Completion of the Project

*Although your claim is being covered by your insurance, you are the customer. *

  • Our team will prepare the final invoice and submit that to you and your insurance for final payment.
  • The final payment can sometimes require more than one signature based on the size of the claim, so we may need your assistance and cooperation in obtaining these. We will also do our very best to assist in any way we can with this.
  • The final step, you will review the project in its entirety and completion. If all is to your satisfaction, we will then have you sign the Certificate of Satisfaction.