Water and Mold Removal

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Water and Mold Restoration in Tucson

Regardless of whether your water damage and or mold repair is from a bad storm, a leaking pipe or the hot tub that overflows Better Way Services is the one you need to call.  We can handle your repair job and restore your property to its pre-loss status.  Finding the right professional can waste time and money.  Avoid that additional loss by choosing Better Way Services .  We guarantee that if you start with us, you will stay with us for all of our services.

Treating mold is for the professionals.  It can have serious health consequences.  Here are the top five facts about mold from the Environmental Protection Agency.

  1. Potential health effects and symptoms associated with mold exposures include allergic reactions, asthma, and other respiratory complaints.
  2. There is no practical way to eliminate all mold and mold spores in the indoor environment; the way to control indoor mold growth is to control moisture.
  3. If mold is a problem in your home or school, you must clean up the mold and eliminate sources of moisture.
  4. Fix the source of the water problem or leak to prevent mold growth.
  5. Reduce indoor humidity (to 30-60%) to decrease mold growth by: venting bathrooms, dryers, and other moisture-generating sources to the outside; using air conditioners and de-humidifiers; increasing ventilation; and using exhaust fans whenever cooking, dishwashing, and cleaning.

From the moment you place your call to Better Way Services for your water and or mold damage we take care of your property as if it was our own.  We show you our portfolio of before and after pictures of homes just like your own that we have successfully restored.  We let your read the testimonials from highly satisfied families who have used our services and referred families and friends faced with similar problems.  We ease your mind and let you know that you are in good hands with Better Way Services.

Remember, just when you thought you were safe from the water and mold damage from the last major storm, another one can come and be even worst than the last one.  This one brings inches of water to your basement and all you can do when you see it is shake your head.  What do you do?

Whether it’s the leaky pipe you’ve just discovered that is causing all kinds of headaches in your life or the hot tub someone forgot was filling that has now overflowed in your sunroom, we’ve got your covered.

You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers. Call Better Way Services today.  Allow our experts to ease your mind and resolve your problems.