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Finding the right professionals to restore your property after a fire, a storm, or a pipe leak, can be an exercise in wasting time and money. You’ve asked your handyman friend to help you fix your water damage only to find out that his or her skill-set is not at all what they told you it was. You’ve looked for competent contractor referrals from family or friends with no luck. You’ve searched contractor’s lists online to find the right contractor but they constantly reschedule or just flat out forget your appointment time and time again. Avoid wasting time and money by choosing Better Way Services Inc., (BWS). We guarantee that if you start with us, you will want to stay with us for all of your structural repairs and personal belonging needs.

The Devastation of Fire – A fire in your home can be one of the worst experiences in a lifetime. You are thankful everyone escaped safely but what’s left is a home filled with fire and smoke damage. Sorting through the remains can be almost as painful as the fire itself. What can you keep, what has to be thrown away and what about all of that smoke? Will it ever come out? Do I have to throw everything away and tear my house down to the ground? We can answer those questions. BWS will help ease your mind throughout the entire process. Our professionals have experience in restoring families belongings and homes to a “pre-loss” state. The phrase “My home looks so much better now than it did before the fire damage!” is one we hear quite often.

Monsoon MadnessA violent storm can also shatter the piece of a family’s life. Southern Arizona’s summer monsoon storms can devastate a home, leaving shattered dreams and shattered remains. Just when you’re feeling like all is lost, call BWS, we can help. We completely understand your feelings of devastation. We understand your questions about what can be salvaged and what has to go. Who should you call? What should you do first? How do you get everything out of here? What about what’s left? Those questions and more can be answered by our highly trained and qualified staff. We can assist you with your insurance claim. We will meet with your insurance claims’ adjuster. We will evaluate your personal belongs and structural damages. We will then prepare a detailed estimate of all water damages and present that estimate to you and your insurance claims adjuster.

Here’s a common scenario Just when you thought you were safe from water damage from the last monsoon storm, the next one comes and it’s even worst than the last one. This one brings inches of ground water into your home. Does your insurance cover ground water damage? Unless you have flood insurance, you’re probably not covered. What do you do? Call BWS and we will be happy to assist!

How about this When you hear the words water damage, the typical first thought is “weather related”. However, did you know most water damage occurs from a small undetected leak within your home. These small leaks are typically left undetected for months, sometimes years and are most commonly found in the pipes within the walls or under the foundation of your house. Another indicator you may have water damage in your home is if you smell a musty odor or can visibly see any mold or mildew growth in cracks or crevices.

If any of this is sounding far too familiar, call BWS and we’ll help you find that leak!