About Better Way Services, Inc.

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Tucson's Restoration Service Specialists


Since the inception of Better Way Services, Inc. in 1985, our focus has been to provide the finest restoration services in the Southwest. Better Way Services, Inc. strives for customer satisfaction – when the customer is satisfied, we succeed.

BWS is a Full-Service Restoration Company capable of handling any residential or commercial loss from A-Z depending on the needs of our clients. Our 24/7 Emergency Service Crews are here to help! Our professionally trained and courteous staff will respond and assist all our clients with all phases of a loss.

Our team is carefully assembled to handle losses that range from a small dry wall patch to a full rebuild and everything in between. We work closely with our clients to make sure all materials are as identical as possible to any existing materials and moreover anything, make sure our clients are satisfied with the final project.

We love our community and are proud that we are one of the longest standing local restoration companies in Tucson. Remember, the best way to handle a loss is with Better Way Services, Inc.

What to expect

  • We receive your claim, schedule a visit to the loss, and prepare our estimate.
  • Once the estimate is prepared, we submit it to the insurance adjuster and wait for their approval (this can sometimes be the longest waiting period).
  • Prior to the start of any work, we will need a work authorization signed by the property owner and must collect the deductible.
  • Your loss is assigned a Project Superintendent and they will coordinate a schedule for all labor and materials once the estimate has been approved.
  • You will work closely with your Project Superintend for all color selections, material choices, etc.
  • Your Project Superintendent is your main contact throughout the duration of your project. (The insurance company does not know the specifics of your schedule).

*Although your claim is being covered by your insurance, you are the customer. *

  • Our team will prepare the final invoice and submit that to you and your insurance for final payment.
    • The final payment can sometimes require more than one signature based on the size of the claim, so we may need your assistance and cooperation in obtaining these. We will also do our very best to assist in any way we can with this.
  • The final step, you will review the project in its entirety and completion. If all is to your satisfaction, we will then have you sign the Certificate of Satisfaction.

We are grateful for our customers and are happy that you chose and trusted Better Way Services, Inc., to assist you in such a delicate matter. Thank you for being our customer!